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24. 9. 2012


He wrote down precisely what we said to him. Our only problem was that he was writing additional things that we did not say, however, we wish to make it perfectly clear that everything that he said that we did not say was also accurate. Yes, this may surprise you. Even when his work was not as good as it can be his work was perfectly accurate. How can this be so? How could he have written words on his own that were accurate? How could he possibly know these things?

Well, we tell you he knew these things because he is a very high dimensional being, so through his many long eons of experiences he has collected and gathered this information within his subconscious mind. He knew these things to be true. He only felt that we were saying these things to him at that time, but we were not. His subconscious mind was speaking these words because his subconscious mind believed they were important and they needed to be heard. This is okay with us, for we trust in him, for we knew he could relate this information accurately and accurately he did relate this information.

So listen by heart, we are all like that... "How can you know it?" One day you´ll understand...

Prekladať to nebudem, kto má záujem tak si to preloží, kto nie... lebo pokiaľ sami nechcete, nikde sa nedostanete... Google translate we meet again...:)