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Lepšie by som to nenapísala

27. 5. 2012


We are dreamers by our nature.. We are full of hope and wanders and we refuse to give up. We believe there is always a light to shine on us, to guide us on and no matter the darkness, no matter the pain.. there is always a bright dawn that will end the endless night.

We know that the world is full of evil and hate. We know that no matter how much we care, people dare to us leave us... they hurt us.. say things that leaves scars to our souls but still.. we do not give up. We still have that inner light burning deep inside our soul that tells us.. whispers us.. even on the most desperate and solemn hours that tomorrow may be a better day..

We all have our own hope.. Some dream of love.. Some dream of fortune.. Other of bright future.. Some just wish to have a roof over their head and food on their table. But life is never easy or simple.. and all our dreams get shattered all around.. broken like glass into million pieces.. and it seems like the hope inside us is never enough.. the world just seems to spin against us.. Like the world and others want to prove us.. the hope is not worth it.. our dreams are just illusions and dreams remain dreams.. never coming true. It´s like to feel homesick for the place that doesn´t even exist…